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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My legs were speaking to me this morning on the commute in - guess that string of four-minute miles in the wind on the Dahon yesterday were a workout :) Seems like a looong way to a 1000 mile month (198 miles) but who knows?

Saw what would have made a great "how not to ride" training clip in front of Christie (corner of Neil and Clark). I'm Westbound at Walnut and I see this couple crossing the pavement to go N on Neil - as in, against traffic. Hmm.... they're aiming for the sidewalk. Oh, no... they're aiming for the *crosswalk* - to my right, coming at me, whereupon the lead rider simply keeps on rolling out in front of traffic. The woman riding behind him stopped, at least... and I don't know if they continued east against traffic, hopped the downtown sidewalk to dodge pedestrians going the wrong way or what, but the lady didn't look particularly happy. I did my best "No... I don't see *why* anybody would do that!" head shake at her and proceeded on.

aRrived at the rack and... the Schwinn Mirada is gone - the one I affixed a lock to. Haven't checked my email yet - Friday I let public safety know I'd locked it and p'raps that was a reminder. I hope so 'cause *somebody* bought it from Durst.

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