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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I un-stole a bike yesterday. I picked the chain up off the ground beside it, hoisted it up over the rack and wrapped said chain around frame and rack and affixed a lock (combination 26 ......) to it.
I put a little oil on the chain and rolled it around a few times. I figure that will keep it from totally freezing in place. Perhaps I should recycle a few plastic grocery bags and wrap teh chain up... maybe the brakes to keep cables from rusting? Perhaps selectively mummify sections in ductape?
The semester is over and summer session has started. I'd love to know why somebody would acquire a nice bicycle (looks like a very recent Durst acquisition) and then take it out and leave it as folks leave puppies on the highway. It's not as if it needs to be paper-trained!

Ride of silence 2night. S'pose I should figure out my camera by then :)

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