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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hmmm... Saturday.

We were going to Saunter to Philo, but an intelligence report indicated that a half mile of road was completely torn up. Okay, SIDNEY!!!

We ride to Sidney. Casey's. Oh. BOTH bathrooms are out of order. We send in another person just in case Stan inspired that reaction... we are invited to try the Sidney Saloon as the Only Other Possible Place With Bathroom.
we ride there (sorry Frank! who tried to find us going Back the Way We Came...) and sigh, the door tells us they open at 11 and it's 10:30.
Wait! the door opens... we are invited in.
We facilitize and dine (tho' we don't indulge in the margarita special) and go back by way of Philo... and indeed, we'll call ahead if the wind is from the East. Hmmm... time to revisit the Pub Crawl Ride :D

Today is Monday, though!
The forecast is grim... the radar is grim... but still six of us meet at Pages for all Ages and go for 20 miles. Then, since it's still all bark an dno bite, I cranked out a metric. Not the double metric I'd speculated... mebbe next week. And not a cleated pedal among us :) Toe clips and my platforms on the Dahon.

And then a bikejournal post about the song about "plant a watermelon on my grave" has me googling youtube and finding Petey Greene. Talk about your flashbacks... that hottest summer on record with the ash from Mount Saint Helen's getting all the way to the D.C. suburbs... the man was preaching to "be yourself." And to eat watermelon the way you wanted to. The google link said "bizarre," but I don't think so.


I used to live in Sidney. Turn right at the old former Methodist church and my old home is the second one on Scarborough Street.

Is the Sidney Dairy Bar still there? I imagine the Sidney Market is probably dead what with the super Wal Mart south of Champaign.
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