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Sunday, May 18, 2008

110 mile day today :)

took off at 6:40 ... should ahve been 6:30 but the intestines refused. THink I just might have to back off those picante beef ramen noodles for a spell.

Then out to Monticello, the Lions Club ride and back. 175 riders ;) A "cheater" day because the winds gradually picked up to oh, about 13 on the way out (but were about 5 when I started) and were a sweet 18-20+ blowing me home. Happinesses: 1. Butt did not hurt. (Must remember which shorts those were :) ) 2. Did not have to use the spare ones I stuffed in the camelbak ;-) 3. Camelbak was aggravating (*think* that adjusting straps would have helped), so my neck is a little sore. 4. One application of Neutrogena 45 worked :)
Re-discovered that weird double definition of "how fast is comfortable." After the 25 miles into the wind to get there, I felt like I really couldn't go faster than the pace my friends were holding... 'til I dropped the red thingy and said "I'll catch you" and 5 mph faster without drafting was totally possible for the mile it took to catch them and I wasn't wasted.
The trip back is still boring, even with a tailwind instead of a headwind, but either way it's easier to just focus on the numbers and click the miles at whatever horribly inconsistent speed *I* want to go than to get all social about it ;)

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