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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Went to the hardware store for paint to mark the Pedal Power route... yup, got some "thinner" (hopefully an appropriate kind), masking tape and ... can't remember what else now (2 quarts of fescue, too).
Stopped by the house to pick up the black paint (to erase mistakes ;) ) and took a little cruise. Had a communication breakdown with the driver of a macho truck - my turn at the 4-way and I move forward... things are fine exce't now the truck is, simply, aiming right at me. I did a bob and weave and the truck stopped and I turned to see what hostile foe was trying to intimidate me (in front of witnesses - even out at Old CHurch and Race, there were three or four cars at the intersection).
The woman driving lifted a hand in the timeless "I am unarmed and no thread" gesture... I suppose she had assumed I was turning left (she was, too - and thus our paths wouldn't have crossed). Don't know if she could read the basic fear in my eyes but I hope so... and I do suspect she'll be hesitating just a little more at her next intersection.

Drifted on back... still four miles short of matching last April's miles.

Hoping for decent weather next Sunday!

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