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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Snork. Seems in messing around I've put the last two entries on a blog on my site instead of blogville, which is something I spent some time trying to figure out a whle ago and failed. Of course, I *wanted* to do it with my educational blog...

So! This a.m.'s entry was

Okay, first - the Bicycle Plan got approved by City COuncil last night. Hooray!!! The media... aargh... I don't even want to *know* how the News-Gazoo will mangle it.
WILL's take? That we need a plan because cyclists have to "resort " to riding in the streets. And then it cut to Brandon Bowersox talking about the plan... which could lead a person to think the quip was from him.
I knew from the very rare and generally not-too-informed comments about bicycling (such as when Marketplace interviewed a cycling commuter and the segue into the weather was to the effect taht it was too cold for cycling today) that it's not something on WILL's personnel's radar... but obviously this is a topic they feel is unnecessary to explore in any kind of depth.
Now, the first email link was dead. And I clicked on "podcasts" and it said the brand newest one was about the 2006 election (and the file name said 2006, too). I am confused - I haven't done podcasts but I thought they were like, current, as in NOW not even yesterday.
The bike plan made the 6:00 'headlines' but not the 7:00 or 8:00 ones... but 7:30's report was much improved (tho' let's just say it made me think of somebody reading something in a foreign language when describing that there would be sidepaths along busy roads, bike lanes on some roads and signs on others...)
WILL often bemoans the low percentage of listeners who are members. I know lots of cyclists *are* members. Maybe it's time for a little noise?

I hadn't heard the plan passed...HOORAY!

I'm a WILL member so I'll pop on over to their website and make some noise.
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