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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just another C-U day :)

Rode to church and back, then tossed plastic sheeting and a handful of rocks and bricks into the bags to truck over to the house to discourage Creeping CHarlie. Then had to CHARGE out to get to the show&go on time - Xtra 'caue it's a level 2 ride. Then a vigorous ride into the 15+ mph winds and SAILING back... meeting halfway to take a break and pick up cans along a mile stretch - half an hour of unhurried can-snatching covered it.
Then back home to drop off the chunk of iron I'd also picked up (pump handle? construction thingy? I dunno, but I wanted more on the plastic sheeting adn ... I liked it. Somthing artistic about it and it's the BOneyard Arts Festival weekend.)
Then back out to Panera for the bike club meeting... and tooling back in the falling dark... to find at the burned out house on Oregon a crowd and candles and slide show ... oh, "site specific dance." ARts ;) Neighbors :D Stuck around. Ate cornbread. Blinked.
Cell phone went off. Well, dang it... I *do* want to hear it when I"m out on a ride, folks - if you're going ot put on ART like that it's gonna happen. I do NOT feel guilty :)
By the time it wrapped up there were, like, *8* bikes hanging on trees and stuff. Yea, the street was also a bit more parked up but lots of folks had walked, too.


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