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Friday, April 18, 2008

Joined "moonwalk." I've never been a ringer before ;) Entered miles. (Biking x .3 = walking.) Team rank jumped from 60 to 21.

Yesterday's early departure and altered route had me cruising through some of campuses construction zones when automotive and pedestrian traffic were heavy. The intuitive part of me says "it's 5000 accidents waiting to happen!" but the analytical side says "this is such chaos that people are on high alert." Still, it is a complete mess. I attempted a sidewalk trip but some students had already tried it and were coming back 'cause it was a fenced in dead end. I thanked them for sparing me the trouble and figured that the Stark truck parked across the sidewalk was an attempt to suggest not to bother going there.
Then it was back on the bike lane with the frequent signage telling pedestrians, for their safety, NOT to walk in the street. Made me thnk about the kind of people who are sure that the poor, helpless pedestrians *can't* be at fault if a motorist hits 'em. Yes, there were still pedestrians walking down the bike lane.
Came in this a.m. through campus so I could drop by Panera. This meant cruising the "bike lane" with the amazing potholes... I noted that the bike lane sign was upside down at one point. A statement, perhaps?
I want my camera... but hey, I've got my keys back :)

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