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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Guess who?

(what happens when you google for the lyrics to 'if i should die before i wake, all my bone and sinew take')

Deluges expected.

Once again woke up early but didn't get out early... but not late, either. Once again, I'm on the Dahon. It's just got so many options. I'm going to Za's afterward and if the weather gets putrid while we're there, and somebody offers ar ide, it will be easy to accept, except it would have tp be pretty putrid.

The other reason is that there's really no good bike parking there, or lots of places in Champaign. So instead of having to get all kinds of creative, I can bring the bike in and say why.
is my rough draft web page for the pedal power ride. Soon and very soon I'll apply the same "get the good info for potential riders" principle to this little page.

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