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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got out a teeny bit early this a.m. Was hissed at by geese on campus - prob'ly a good thing I made sure they heard & saw me. (I remember a few oddiments from that Wildlife degree ;) )
Ferocious tailwind gave me time & inspiration to cover the mile from Prospect to Mattis in 3 minutes and get in two fierce laps around campus. Cooled down, swabbed down...
It was raining on me some goign to the CCB meeting - drat those gore-tex pants. Poured right at the end of the meeting but I got weather goddess credibility points 'cause I told teh ride-offerers that "we're not outside yet." By the time we got downstairs, it had stopped. Of *course* I won't tell about the sprinkles earlier - but I should mention that this morning's commute was during a "break between the showers in our area." I reckon my average is pretty good :)

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