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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Hormone therapy
Endorphins keep at bay the
flailing pheremones

Narcissism Recovery

So I'm at the light at Lincoln & Nevada, which looks like it's not acknowledging my folding presence. Pedestrian on other side pauses, I telepath as hard as I can, and yes! he hits the walk button. I contemplate my telepathy skills.
After another eternity the light actually changes (note to self: be patient, it might have sensed you), and we proceed ... and realize that I should have wafted a "thank you" as he hit the thing.

The Dahon is awfully nice for commuting and I don't even have the rack and fenders yet. It's got great, zippy acceleration to get across intersections, and I do believe it has a little bit of recumbent syndrome as far as attention-getting. Strictly physically the thing should be less visible but it Is Weird. (Now, I *do* think I'd disappear more quickly if I hugged the right side.)

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