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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Took the Xtra out for 30 this afternoon. No encounters with petunias, or other flowers for that matter, though there are a few things trying to bust through.
It was one of those days of "I don't feel like riding!" ... until I got out there. It felt good to do the odd intervals, tho' I also snagged my share of beer cans as part of 'recovery' ;)
I'll do a practice try on the Dahon-on-Xtra tomorrow, but with the rather rainy forecast I may wait until Wednesday to actually execute and bring that puppy to the home front. Personal Plan: to ride at least 20 ... shoot for 25 or 30 miles tomorrow. Tuesday shall have its own adventures with "rain. heavy at times." aimed at our we're-already-close-to-saturated soil. MOld spores will be happy...

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