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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Took ride on P8 today - couple of laps around Parkland (retrieving my cell phone cleaning the desktop in honor of expected visitors). It's 25 in the heat of the day (so I'm listening to Mary Cliff on WAMU instead of riding).
It's a better bike :) All the gears felt like gears, not like "oops, shouldn't you be in a different chain ring?" at the top. I didn't even feel like I needed to be attached to the pedals; I could use the toe & ankle strategies that work on the Schwinn (but not the Xtra, I dare say) and get her cranking. I felt like I could ride it for 50 or a hundred miles.
So, now to figure out how to attach it to the Xtracycle :) Even if I could find the Tray Bien pieces parts I don't think it would be compatible. I am thinking the three straps and perhaps an extra bungee or three on top should do the trick.
Went to Monical's last night - the new one on Philo Road. It was pretty crowded but we were there late enough to get in pretty quickly. However, there's no place to park a bike. NO place at all. I mentioned that to the charming manager guy that waited on us rather solicitously, as if we were visiting royalty... social skills good enough to be scary ;) I was inspired.

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