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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Took a little ride around 'cause it's 41 degrees. Saw only three otehr cyclists out there; saw four or five closer in.

Saw one of 'em going north on Race as I approached it on Airport Rd. Didn't look like he was going too fast, though the posture and gear seemed like they could. Just as I got to the intersection, another rider came along behind him. With a nudge of speed I passed her and we exchanged howdies. Then I gained on the fellow in front, who I inferred *could* have gone faster after all. He slowed... and as I went around: "How's my sweet petunia?"

Welp, we *were* both on red bikes with yellow jackets :) "She's doing just fine and will be along in a second!"

Here's to love and bicycling!

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