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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Strapped the folder onthe Xtra and hauled it home.

Rode it in today, with extra laps (h-498 yesterday). The Schwalbe Big Apple tires are nice and cushy on the ravages of Main Street. It has nice acceleration at intersections. I left earlier than traffic so my question about being smaller and 'cuter' but concern that people would cut closer hasn't been answered, tho' nobody out at that hour did.

The little light that I thought I could pop on pops off as easily, and when I ductaped it down... well, then it refused to *turn* on. It was a really cheap light.. I think I got what I paid for :( I've got the headlamp and I leave at 5:00 anyway so I can get in some more howl-at-the-wind miles anyway, tho' I dare say this thing doesn't lend itself to the fierce miles... but we'll see what it feels like out there. (I remember taking the Gazelle home the long way and ... it simply isn't the vehicle for that. It's a tank.)

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