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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Sloppy Today ... for getting such a small fraction of the predicted rainfall, we're still pretty close to flooding.

Seeking the ever-elusive answer to How To Get Focused And Accomplish Things Without Deadlines. I know, it's called (and I thought of it before Nike) Just Do It. As in ONLY THAT. Not even .... back later ;)

I read your comment on the Commute by Bike regarding taking the lane, and I'd like your permission to use parts in a newsletter article for the Red Dirt Pedalers in Stillwater, OK. Also, after Susan publishes the newsletter, it will probably be posted to CycleDog and TAOBIKE.

Reach me at, or simply make a reply here and it will reach me.
I suppose I should turn off my "email alert" if I want to stay totally focused ;)

I recently posted a similar comment over at Women Who Ride, when one of the ladies admitted that she *felt* safer on the sidewalk, and therefore basically stuck to bike paths, not the street. I'm glad to say it was well-received. (Feel free to borrow from that, too; I thought a lot more about that version, since I wasn't preaching to the choir.)
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