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Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, today I had this little problem. I got to school and... the bike lock is not here. Now, I've forgotten to*lock* the danged thing twice and it was still out there at the end of the day, but I can't do it on purpose. That's testing the fates.

Oh, and da person in charge... does NOT like bicycles in the lab. Oh, and today, we're having reasonably important visitors. And I really like da person in charge.
I survey the halls and when the coast is clear, "sneak" the Xtracycle in and park it against the wall. Truck down to bookstore. THey have locks, but no cables.
At 9:14 the Person In Charge comes in for a reminder of today's events. She proceeds to walk back out with that big, honking bike in plain view, without reaction.
At 10:00 there's the changing of the guard, so at 10:10 I stealthily sneak that thing out the door and ride the 2 miles down to CHampaign Cycle. Wave at blog-readers as I go by :D
"Hey, I've got a problem, I don't have my lock. Da boss doesn't like a bicycle parked in the computer lab. Hey!! I have an idea! I'll buy a folding bike!"
I successfully fold and unfold the FIRE. Ride it up to school and stick it beside me (alas, not as successfully folded). Throw my coats over it.
I tell da boss: "If you saw it, it's gone now. If you didn't, don't ask."
Far as I can tell, she didn't see it.
Here's to selective attention, just like in the movies!
SNork. I had no idea it would come in handy even before I bought the thing.
However, it'll be a trade-off this evening 'cause part of the plan is to figure out its other eccentricities in front of witnesses. But I just might pay for it today :D

congrats on the new steed !
Most excellent.
Cute video clip. No I didn't see the bear but I always see the cyclist even when it's 4 girls, no helmets, riding down the left side of the road facing traffic!
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