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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rode 100 km today. Time to get fit again. Rode out to CHampaign Cycle in the afternoon for a teensy spin on the Speed P8 but didn't really have time to do the process justice, so I"ll continue that courtship during the week. March 'goal' - 700 miles and 100 aluminum cans ;) snagged about 15 today.

Odd incident at County Market in the Blighted Philo Road district. 5-6 People were gathered at first, and when we came out of Walgreens, police had been summoned ... I could see the back window of a car with a major (oh, at *least* basketball-sized) hole in it, shattered for lots more space around it... going *out* from the back seat. The front windshield was shattered in four places. None of the folks gathered seemed particularly alarmed, but that doesn't mean they weren't.

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