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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Roads mostly clear this a.m. (Duly note that these past few snows the cut-curb *has* been cleared on the campus route so people didn't have to jump the curbs.) Legs felt like the ol' winter legs, though... the inside rides are over. Tomorrow I've promised to bring a bagel feast for the office so it will an early day. I've done it before on the Gazelle - the Panera's box fits on the pie basket nicely and gets rave reviews for "best imitation of Miss Gulch" but happier...

My 'dahon' alerts netted me the "bits and bikes" blog about dahons... and bike maps... and other nifty thigns, but being in a Competing Blog I can't make comments there no matter how much he begs. A girl can only log in so often...and ironically he's got content about privacy as if it mattered. (I love being a Jones at no fixed address ;) )

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