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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh, yea... I *did* have one of those "See? People really do that!" moments crossing 130... the light turned green for me as I approached (they do that), and oh, 2 seconds later a Suburban plows right through as if there were no light. No, it wasn't a particularly close call 'cause I wasn't at the intersection quite yet, and I *think* I'd pegged him as proceeding (and would have if I'd been further along)... but it wasn't even running a yellow; my light had been green. (My guess is that the fellow ascertained that there were no cars going E-W... and I was like a moonwalking bear.)

Considering giving up on the search for my camera and acquiring a replacement. THinking of something bike-mountable...

have you seen these ? they are helmet or bar mountable -
I would love to see pictures taken from a bike! Daffodils are blooming in Virginia in bountiful yellow bouquets.
I guess I missed the announcement that you lost your camera! I left mine on the bus several months back.
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