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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, yea, yesterday's interesting driver behavior: I'm cruising down State STreet (one-way, two lanes plus parking), in the very empty parking lane, 'til I see a car up there and cars in the rear, so (well in advance) I scoot over. The guy in RAABO hovers behind me (red truck of course). He's got an empty left lane and I'll be turning left in a bit, so I don't budge. He hovers, and hovers, tho' well back... and finally goes around (without hostility... and/but didn't seem to be doing something electronic, tho' he could have been before going 'round me). He gets back into the right lane...
I ease over to the left lane and watch as he proceeds to make a left turn from the right lane. I decide to do the pre-emptive wave-through to the car coming to the four-way the same time I am, because I want to wait until that guy's further away. (Okay! I also assumed that this was somebody who wanted to be RAMBO but couldn't spell it or found it was taken already ...)

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