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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I can see movies now, 'cause I sprang a grand for a new laptop. Smaller, which I like. Mac, which I don't. Macs are made for people who want to do exactly what the computer "knows" you want to do. If I don't happen to *want* to hear chirping birds from my computer, there's no "intuitive" way to shut the dang noise off. (I don't ike artificial sweeteners; I don't like artificial chirping birds.) Yes, I'm going to spring for the Windows operating system (so I can do Camtasia, among other things.

Rode the Xtra out for a short burst yesterday ... intervals with cans, whcih are a heck of a lot harder to get without a kickstand ;) Then the Fire for a little get-out-of-the-house loop. Today there are snow showers, so I think I'll let the hyper build and motivate me for morning rides during the week.

Happy Easter :) (I'm dreaming of a white Easter ?!?)

Snork, must edit to add that welp, it was the Specialized web page chirping at me. Don't know if that's limited to their "women's" pages or not. Close the page, the noise stops. Huzzah.

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