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Friday, March 28, 2008

It's time to embed. (As the family response to any given line goes, "that's what they said after the bed broke!")

Left late and saw different vanity tags. CRKLNRS

I gotta say... on the radio, Neil DIamond SENT me. I remember being ready to cry on the way home from swim team practice and "Song Sung Blue" played and ... I was ecstatic. Made me realize then and there the utterly transient nature of emotions... but every time I picked up a Neil Diamond album, the picture would make me want to barf and I'd put it down. But you know, had I actually been at a live performance...

I could never really get behind Neil Diamond until his '06 CD, 12 Songs...and have you seen the recent cover? Waaaaay not goofy-lookin'

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