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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's Maryland's "how to ride in traffic" video. What I really like is the video that shows... yea, people actually **do** that.

i have to say, that's the most confusing video i think i've ever seen.

during the 'take the lane' parts, the guy is stuck to the right side of the lane most often then in the center, and the next follow-up part uses different keywords to suggest one should ride in the middle of the lane, and then quickly jumps to talking about pulling off and letting cars go by.

_completely_ confusing.

then, on the highway part, the dude almost gets killed when he's trying to get past the onramp - he's signaling and the car is like 'fu' and nobody knows what's going on - certainly not the viewer.

the quality of the picture of the video is very good, it just needs to be re-cut to take out confusing part, re-narrated to take out confusing parts, and have a couple of diagrams inserted to discuss 'taking the lane' - _and_ it should use that phrase - "taking the lane" - why not?
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