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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Got to the 50's I b'lieve. I switched the Xtracycle for teh Trek at the bike shop, and took the Trek out for 50 morning miles. Contemplated getting out earlier for more but ... 50 was enough, especially since then I hopped on the Folder and rode back out to the bike shop and tossed it onto the Xtra and rode thme both back to the garage. Forgot the foam but I think it went okay (didn't see any dings). then rode the folder here, rode the trek back and put *it* in the garage, and rode the Xtra back here. Grand total- 63 miles, or my second metric of the year. Bike shop was happily busy (but not too busy for howdies). People shoppoing for BICYCLES :D - even saw one person trying out a lime, eh?
50 miles is a lot longer in March than it is in July.

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