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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fresh from the CCB list (thanx, Cynthia!) :

Simple Cycling Solutions - an interesting angle on planning and including bicycles. Actually... a vehicular cyclist's worst nightmare in many ways... "In Europe, where they do things better, cycles have their own lanes on the sidewalks (not in the streets -- duh)..." and " of the greatest impediments to practical cycling centers not on roads but on threads. The ride from my apartment to the bus that would take me to work is a half-mile downhill. In a business suit, it might as well be 1,000 miles of open ocean."

Blithe indefensible utterings that perpetuate dangerous myths...

Trust me, this guy will never ride a bike anywhere but a multi-use trail or a sidewalk. He's not a cyclist. He's a guy-on-a-bike.

I read somewhere of another would-be commuter who lamented that his workplace didn't have showers and he'd need one after riding those 2 miles to work. Maybe he lives somewhere mountainous, like Tibet.
Wow, what a weenie. His cycling is "complicated by ... crumpled pavement, oblivious drivers, cramped roadways, ridicule, and perspiration."

So if I ridicule his fear of traffic and *gasp* perspiration, will that incite Josh Stephens to ride his bike on that horrible half mile downhill?
Welp, what worries me is that this guy is contributing this to a planner's site. It's so out there and ludicrous... but is this a guy who will be influencing people's decisions? I *think* he knew some of the ideas were truly bizarre... but some of them weren't. So I'm hoping that he was forced to write this as a public service and really didn't think about it at all.
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