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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cashed in major weather goddess chips today. THe Deluge simply didn't happen :) I got drizzled on in the a.m.; the sweats were mostly dry (totally dry on all the parts I'd stuffed behidn the computer, but the right leg had a wet part) by lunchtime's errand, which was simply foggy, and a little drizzle on the way home (which was enough to dissuade me from the Seder, since sitting with a wet butt for that long would be entirely too penitential).
Awesome Barak Obama speech... what I almost dared hope for. Even readable. LIttle bit of Abraham LIncoln in the reference to how many years ago the fearless constitution was put together; little Sojourner Truth in referencing the inclusion of slavery (tho' he didn't say it had a "little weevil" )... and a lot of things that were not sound bytes. HOly sheet.
Luv that I got in 30 miles on what should have been a minimum-mileage day. Yea, it took a side trip to the store so I could sip some Pinot Noir ...
... and my computer is ailing. Blleeecchh. ON borrowed keys.
But here's to love and bicycling.

Love the bits where B.H.O. spoke about racist comments made by his Grandmother (white) and his pastor (black), and how they were both 'family'.

And how he related his experiences with being an audience member in church, and his question "Do you agree with everything YOUR pastor says" (which is why I stopped going to my wife's church).

very down-to-earth non-political speech.
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