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Friday, February 01, 2008

Took the 5W Green out to Country Fair & Springfield. Chatted with the Oregonian who was standing on the bench at the bus stop. She got here in July and finds the climate somewhat intemperate. Also finds it hard to get to the fitness center at Lincoln Square - "it's always too hot or too cold or..." ... very much a "I know I should, but..." scene. These are the folks to try to inspire to get on a bike, eh? Because it is so addictively fun whereas the gym isn't... tho' I was talking more in terms of "I started out just riding in on sunny days when I was part-time."
Which, I suppose, may be the key - to start in small fun doses instead of "Get Thee INto Shape Quickly!" doses, which the body resists returning to (welp, at least mine does).
Got the bike. ROde it back. I am the dabba dabba queen ... musta walked a spell at least five times, but *sometimes* I convinced myself that just a little sliding was not the end of the world, since I have 35 mm and studs to mush around on. Got passed by a guy on a basketed bike with regular tires (but it *was* on a clear campus street). Drivers were nice. It is a good thing to feel that scary feeling like the first time you're riding a bike once in a while in life. Where you have to trust your motion in balance even though you would much rather stop and balance, stop and balance. Sometimes we have to cross streams and we need the momentum of motion and there isn't room on the rocks to put both feet down. If you try to, *that's* when you fall.
Of course, if you're a klutz you might just fall anyway.
Now, when does that Illini CHill start?
State street was nasty by the way, but I still think Randolph will be the way to get to Papa George's tonight... but Green Street is *awfully* tempting.

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