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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This picture from Richmond from my visually and verbally creative sister-in-law just has to be set out big enough to see some of the detail, and even that doesn't do it justice. I'll get it over on the template where it'll have to shrink some. It's got so many little thingies a practical cyclist needs. It's just a picture I can crawl into and around (but some people have a gift for taking pictures like that...) Up close there are more little twist ties and bungies than you can shake a spoke at!

Rode the Xtra today so I can take clothing home and 'cause I felt like it, even though the dusting of snow I requested was pelting me with teensy ice crystals the whole way. Note to self: ski goggles would have been really nice for that, and last night when it was 17 degrees; no need to wait for the single digits. Still, once I warmed up, those parts warmed up, too. 17 degrees.

I sometimes have an American flag waving from a pole mounted on my bike during the summer. I've seen a couple of bikes like this around here. Here's a variation on that theme.

Your blog rates at least a 9 in my book!
I just bought a new bike and gave xtra a lot of though. But alas, I went another direction.
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