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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thick fog last night - really just clouds sitting on us 'cause where there was snow the warm air was over it and the wind blew and you could see the condensation swirling around... that was after most of it had melted so it was coming off the piles in the parking lot. It was pretty much like special effects - same deal as dry ice but cheaper.
Today is supposed to be rainy ... but right now, it's 8 degrees colder than the hour-by-hour so I am grabbing that silly truck Gazelle on the grounds that if it chills faster, that rain could turn into something else.
Figured out lock laces. Got the Big HOnkin LIght on. Also had the helmet blinkie and one $2.00 string of LEDs and another blinkie on the back. WHen it was locked-in fog I fished out that economy yellow arrow light but by the time chorus let out things were just swirly... glad to have the Xtra 'cause I wanted to go fast 'cause of tha tlittle line of t-storms headed our way. At ORegon & Race a paternal fellow in a truck announces. "Nice lights. Very nice lights." Okay, borderline sanctimonious... I could hear the "unlike those other sinners out there!" Snork... but I'd seen two of 'em already, swirly silhouettes skirting the shadows.
Time to vote!

The "Big HOnkin LIght" looks really nice. From the link you posted, they seem to have only a magnetic mount, though. How do you mount yours?
You can get them - for three times the price - at with a bicycle mounting. However, I'd have had to modify anyway for the Xtracycle. I have a steel rectangle (need to figure out how to deal with therust issue) that I slap it on... tried a toe clip strap but that wasn't secure on Main Street's concrete. Last night I got out the lock laces - elastic shoelaces that you can pull snug with a little spring clasp; kinda like skinny bungee cords. They worked last night - we'll see what happens on real bumps.
I impulsively ordered a vinyl rectangle with LED arrows (like what you see for lane closures) and would have draped that over my shoulders like a shawl last night had the fog not cleared.
Today I hopped the gazelle because 36 degrees was too close to 32 for my liking.
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