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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The part of me that detaches from the horrific carnage at Northern Illinois almost immediately wondered "what meds was he on?" and "what did he do online?"
How many people in different places in the world experience this regularly? And how detached are the 'deciders' executing those scenarios in the name of what?
COuld it be that when leaders preach and practice pre-emptive violence as a solution to fear, that even if the feared peoples are kept at bay, the poisonous attitude seeps back into their own culture and erupts?
Or are they actually remote from each other... since the world of political leaders and the world of the likes of graduate students aren't exactly intertwined?
Such are the abstractions. THe grim realities need to be faced and shouldered. How will these newly-fueled agonies manifest themselves?
WHen springtime comes and, as that principal used to note, the "sap rises," will we channel hope or despair into the mass movements that are sure to arise?
Here's to hope. It definitely has a history of better results.

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