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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Now here's one that will either flop or fly.
"INsulate it yourself." Tuck whatever you want into the insulation pockets in the tradition of stuffing newspapers & leaves... hey, it's "only: $99 from merrell... found it on the REI site (from Grist ) Hmmm... newspapers in a $99 jacket... better be some nicely engineered seams, or something...

A Speed D7 is being shipped this way to Champaign Cycle . I am also thinking about the Mu P8 'cause I want to be able to do, oh, a century if I feel like it, wherever, whenever... and I can't remember which bike the site said that there were fenders on the picture but that was for Europe, not USA. I like fenders and racks tho' from a few blog posts the rack doesn't hold a mess of stuff.

Of course, I have every intention of seeing how nicely it will fit on the saddlebags of the Xtra.

Sue, the rack on my Dahon Helios XL holds a full size pannier. There is a trick to it though. You have to place the bag as far back on the rack as it will go, otherwise you'll be kicking with your heel as you pedal.
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