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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nature bats last in little ways, too.

NOte to self: whilst basking in personal pride for having taken the time to swab down the chain after driving through 32-degree rain/slush/slop, duly remember that *everything* got wet, so that when you decide to ride same bike 36 hours later at 20 degrees, cables will be froze-like. Wheels will simply refuse to turn.
Self: also note that if you decide that since you got the wheel rolling, you will simply apply enough effing friction to get where you need to go and melt any ice trapped in the workings, and you're calmly informing your bicyle of this fact whilst getting it rolling in the street, that other riders may happen to ride by and greet you, perhaps speculating on the sanity of someone having a spiced conversation with a bicycle.
The bike did pick up speed but I'm going to try to get it where it can warm up and melt and drain. Perhaps mine own circuits can do the same... as well as the sinuses... Note to self: hold line while launching. Between Randolph and Elm, I heard a little toot behind me. Figured I'd been busted for being disgusting, but noticed that the taxi driver had rolled down his window at Elm... was he going to call me on it? 'twas only to apologize and say that he wasn't trying to scare me, just didn't want me swerving out in front of him (tho' the occasional ice patches along the road were also grounds were holding other than a straight path).
very sunny out there (contrary to the forecast-with-caveats) ... melt! melt! melt!

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