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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Illini CHill today! about 50 or 60 of us... not as many as last year and the weather was much better. (Last year I wasn't there.) The Gazelle was touigh to push around and I was nearly the caboose on the way out ... only because a couple of folks got a late start... and brought up the rear on the way back. That was, of course, ahead of the dozen or so folks who went out 3 miles and found things a tad too icy and turned around. I was, I'm afraid, the dabbing queen, much to the despair I am sure of the sag van behind us crawlin' along. And that with studs. The fast folks... took abouit 45 minutes to get out to Royal, then streaked around the long route and back.
It's good to be tired, and I'm kinda glad the speedometer doesn't work at all. I have a feeling I was going about 9 mph. Got home in time to catch some of Mary Cliff, though. LIttle Mardi Gras music, some civil rights tunes... kinda puts life in perspective. (But...)

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