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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I b'lieve I *am* going to have to try to rattle the cages of oh, Trek, wiht all its spewing forth about promoting practical cycling. Turn signals, please? Oh, and think beyond "just like car signals." Bicycles sometimes need to indicate that we're going straight and not turning right.

If people are going to ride to and from work, for *most* of us, sometimes that means going home when it is dark.

If it is dark, we'd benefit from turn signals.

Even if it's not dark, in traffic there are often times when those of us who aren't professional racer types don't really want to ride with only one hand! As in, when we're negotiating a left turn!

And twice in two days I had an unpleasant interaction with a motorist that I believe might have been pleasant had the driver been sure of where I was going. Climbing up this hill on campus there's a right turn that's great Right Hook Potential - but it's a rarity. I think the reason this (okay, red sports car) driver and I were playing fake-out with each other was because a: the winds werew 25 miles an hour and b: I was leaning right 'cause I was thinking he was going to turn right... so therefore (in hindsight, I thought) he may wll have been proceeding wtih his turn because he thought I was going to turn. I ended up stopping and scowling fiercely and saying something like "learn to drive!" ... and then on the way home that same day or the next, I was getting ready to turn left onto Round Barn from Country Fair, and this driver cruised to make *his/her* left from country fair to Round Barn. I would have liked to be showing the world my directional intentions.
Off to the inside ride...

Have you been eating nails for lunch again? 8>)
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