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Monday, February 04, 2008

Foggy today - damp warmth coming in over cold snow = midair condensation. Rode the Xtra with the intent of figuring out how to use the lock laces to hold the big honkin' light on. Also need to figure out the precise logistics of taking off that steel plate and givin' it something to keep it from simply rusting into oblivion. I am thinking to prime and paint it (I got paint and primer a few years ago with the unrealized intention of turning my black Schwinn Racer into a Faux Trek One Bovine Design - giving it cow markings and udders and maybe road apples to drop from the baskets). Assume that doesn't make it too much less magnetic, especially if I figure out those lock laces. And I need to figure out where I put the rest of the pieces parts to the power grips.... but it was nice on the Xtra - much swifter than the Gazelle.
A few lousy drainage spots along the way (and one poor soul on the sidewalks, up to his ankles walking his bike through).

Universal Design lost ground with this storm, though. Yesterday I noticed that yes, the walks at the U have been so nicely cleared... oh, but the path goes straight to the curb - as in the one that drops off. Forget the incredible effort (SARCASM HERE) it would have taken to clear the cut curb at the three spots I rode by. Did it save the person... a minute?

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