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Monday, February 11, 2008

Coupla links that have been sent my way today:
Cyclist and racer designs bikes for kids with disabilities
has a video and an article about a racer who's designed different ways to make bicycles for two accessible to people with disabilities (the diversely-abled :) )
Then This article from theUK suggests that "Two senior Church of England Bishops have called on people to give up carbon rather than chocolate for Lent." Now, their idea of "giving up" carbon is... wow... "This year they will be asked to think about their own carbon footprint and follow a few simple steps designed to help cut CO2 emissions. They include:

* avoiding plastic bags
* giving the dishwasher a day off
* insulating the hot water tank
* checking the house for drafts with a ribbon and buying draught excluders

Those taking part in the Carbon Fast will be asked to remove one lightbulb from a prominent place in the home and live without it for 40 days. On the final days of the Fast they will be asked to replace it with a low-energy bulb which over its lifetime will save 60kg of carbon dioxide per year and up to £60."

Truly 'avoiding' plastic bags for 40 days and making that a habit would be a significant impact, I suppose ;) Gives me a little parochial pride, though, that oiur local UU's promote carbonless travel to your place of worship and other utterly radical things.

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