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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Brisk and breezy today - 8 when I started with 18 mph headwinds, which are *definitely* warmer than tailwinds. What with winds and that always-on generator and ... would it be a frozen cable that means the back brake doesn't want to let go? ... the ride in took about 40 minutes and the furnace kicked in at 5:19 so even my hands never got a chance to get cold. (Theory: those 25 sit ups as the last thing before I leave help... it's a *little* hard to keep from banging my helmet on the floor but it can be done.)
Two other bicycles on the way - one being loaded onto a bus and the other ridden.
So, why *does* the "1 World 2 WHeels" blog misspell velorution? I hinted at it in my comment and didn't get an answer. Ah, well, "COming through with my grandma" is what cycling's about anyway :D

Dragging brakes and wind
Generator always on
Sweet joys of winter!

Big Eight Fahrenheit
Condensation snow abounds
Make tracks in the drifts.

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