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Monday, February 25, 2008

"Bike There" on Google Maps - a petition to get that included.

At first I thought, "well, who's going to decide how to 'bike there'?" and considered the whole bike route/ bike lane/ bike path debate, and that in the overwhelming majority of locales, there ain't no established way to bike there. When I googled the map for a route from Loveland to here, even the 'avoid the highways' wasn't going to have a bicycle in mind, just a "not interstate" formula. I certainly wouldn't trust a computer generated map for where I put my dainty tyres :D
Then I figured that lots of places *do* have bike routes and that it can help the "make it mainstream!" movement an awful lot... and that even if (as I suspect) Google doesn't want to open the huge can of worms that "bike there" could open legally, that it would be a great idea if a zillion people told google that they cared about getting there by bike.

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