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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time trial today ... didn't feel as good as last month, when I took it to 20 somthing and held it and had a little at the end to push. I hoped to do the same thing only faster, only not *really* faster this tiem 'cause it was on a different setup... but I never found "the place" and spent most of the time just hoping it would end soon and going just fast enough not to feel silly about it. Wasn't as tired at the end. Ah, well.
THe question came up: which bike gets the most miles?
I perused my bikejournal spreadsheet. Since the default is the nutra, I went through those and looked for places where I'd forgotten to enter that I'd ridden something else. Even with all those possible rides switched to the Trek, I was surprised.
Trek 7500 - 2812.87 miles
Giant Nutra - 6203.27 miles
Gazelle Impala - 964.35 miles
Trek OCR - 22.2 sweet miles :D

And of course, lookin' over one's journal is an interesting journey. It was a purty good year... and, like the song ("Saying Goodbye To THe ROses") says "nothing endures the whole year long, save hope in the willing heart." Indeed, I *did* ride when it was below zero.
The unofficial 'plan' - tomorrow I get to ride as much as I want to again :D Enough of that just the commute stuff.

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