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Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Power to the pedal" bicycle accessory design contest:

C'mon you gals& guys at bike shops with a bit of a lull in workflow... make me some turn signals! That would have global appeal, even.

Hippo Hands might be a good idea, too, for the chillier days, bicycle style. A person could slip a potato in there for warmth...

Yesterday I waved cheerfully at the yahoo who felt compelled to honk both from 'way back (which I don't mind at all) and next to us ... but my greeting wasn't that amicable. C'mon brain... "Blessings on you and everyone you endanger today" would be much better than "Hello, a*****" and maybe eventually I could say it without a snooty attitude ;) Habits, habits. Last week I was greeted by someone with something I swore resembled an undeserved reverence ...and I realized that all humans are due such reverence... we all bear light. And happily on several occasions that respect and reverence came to mind in dealing with people it's a little too easy to feel sorry for, or disdain towards (they'll be different people for me than you but we've all got 'em, eh?). It reminded me of Mary Ann, our student and preacher who had somehow converted a dismally low sense of self-worth into "I am loved anyway... and everyone is as unworthy and worthy of this love" - including some pretty arrogant and hostile people.
Gotta remember that people driving SUV's (yea, of course, the honker was) bear the light along with the horn.

Here's one of the most intriguing uses of pedal power I've seen recently:
I just got a phone message from an old friend in Champaign. The only reason he'd call is if somebody died... Not looking forward to hearing whatever bad news he has.
Sue, this good article is related to your thoughts about getting along.
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