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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I bailed adn copped a ride tonight. Might not have if Ihadn't left early because of the weather... because leaving at 4:00-ish meant there was a full contingent of everybody else bugging out. Watched one car gracefully spin out on Country Fair - no incident 'cause it was all slow and everybdoy else was going slowly, too -, turned down an offer for a ride because I had every intention of regrouping at Champaign Cycle (and getting that light back on), and even headed off after regrouping but the descent down Crescent caused quailing. Cars were spending too much time just sliding... and those voices of the people saying "okay, now turn to the left" to coach people out of the driveway... I felt guilty at asking Pete to come out and get me until we were heading home and SPringfield was fine. (Okay, the studs were also getting a little overwhelmed, too. Or I was. The balloon ride night was much easier!)
Easy peasy bus ride back to the bike shop tomorrow and I'll get teh bike and meander home... assuming that Parkland's closed which my instincts say will be so.
Torpidity attacks.

I read your blog often as a fellow bike commuter in CU. You did well to get a ride. I rode home (UIUC to Springfield at Kenwood via Armory) through the snow. IT was fun, but very scary due to..umm how'd you put it..."graceful" drivers.

I didn't ride in today, but I'll be out in spades tomorrow playing around ;)

Save and happy travels,
-Frank (
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