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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Got the Xtra back from Champaign Cycle with new just about everything. It's awfully smooth and quiet now! Weekend agenda: FIND the bag with the camera in it for pics.
Smooth quiet ride in at 20° (that would be ampersand d e g semicolon to get the degree symbol) . It's good to have cargo space !

It's just easier to say 20*F. :P

Besides, Blogger gets all emo when you try to use certain markup features. I never know what's going to work or not. Maybe I'll try ° one of these days. It's just second nature to use the splat anymore.
Yea, but a person has to be connected to the hot and current langauge developments. I hadn't heard of "emo" until ... early Jan. 16 on the school librarians' listserv.

SPlat is much easier (tho' F and C pretty much imply it anyway).
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