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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cold and snow arrived
Flurries and nineteen degrees
windy too of course!

The flurries are sticking... but it won't be a problem on the Gazelle tomorrow. Found the ski goggles. It'll be single digits so it will be a four-level day (going to really try to find the Gore-Tex bottoms today!).

Rode over to the house and it felt *good* and I wanted to keep going but I'm enforcing a day of rest. You're supposed to quit while you want more :D and my bum still feels a little bruised. Think those concrete streets whacked it with the seat a few hundred too many times, 'cause on the Gazelle when I hit a bump it feels so good to hit a different place. Aside from that there aren't cumulative effects of the week's riding. No chafing even with all those layers. Prob'ly mattered that these were pretty darned moderately paced miles especially on the snot rocket days (still a little lingering but this experience speaks well for RIDING THROUGH a cold. Unless it was allergies of course!)

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