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Friday, January 11, 2008

Another brisk grey morning... felt pretty good cruising in tho' I didn't have any urge to push (Probably because of the 15 mph headwind). On the Trek whilst the Xtracycle gets Attended To - the chain and things it touches are a tad worn. This means I've got the Trek prob'ly for the weekend and that shredded excuse for a memory wandering in the detritus between my ears doesn't dredge up anything for "january 12" so I might do a few miles, tho' January 13 says "inside time trial!!!" and I would like to go somewhere like as fast as last year's middle one, tho' I had my competitive trigger activated then.
Decided that two weeks is long enough to back off the mileage. I don't want to do more miles to do more miles... the legs and lungs aren't counting, but have expressed aversion to flaccidity. I heard 'em discussing it when they thought I wasn't listening.
Classes start Monday... a bit more traffic today.
Seems a reporter not too far away has gotten the riding bug...

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