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Friday, January 18, 2008

15 degrees this a.m. but warmer than last night's 20 'cause I'm on the Gazelle and get to pedal more :D Tailwinds and dark and ice patches and a smooooth drive train mean... not enough pedaling! This a.m. it was totally toasty. I successfully put the warm layers in the wasy, told myself to wake up in the middle of the night and toss the laundry into the dryer, and did so. Confused the cat a bit.
Yesterday I was heading down Church Street and reminded myself to scoot out in the lane 'cause otehrwise cars don't move over to the other lane even if nobody's there and it gets a little cozier than 3 feet. It's cause of teh sporadically used parking (this might be a good street for the creative lining that makes it look smaller) ... it's a little hard on the psyche when I can see the lightcycle clot of cars approaching from the rear... but when that door opened out and the driver kinda jumped when he saw me... I haven't been doored yet and I would rather limit that experience to vicariosity. Today representatives of two light cycles were impelled to proceed behind me for an extra 9 seconds or so but door memories are inspirational, and whilst one revved the engine the rest didn't show outward signs of impatience. (I was impelled to recall, after gaily waving and smiling at the revver, that it would better behoove me to honestly apply the Mary Ann Bridges treatment to every soul and recognize their inherent if hidden-to-me miracle of their existence, at least until far more evidence of scalawagness.)

OH... and time to get back in to the haiku rhythm.

Scoot out in the lane
Beyond the reach of car doors
Love my new drive train!

You are an inspiration to those of us (more my husband than me) who aren't so sweet in thought and deed to motorists at times. We live on Church and I would love some traffic calming.
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