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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why just the front wheel?
How do you remove the rear?
My Gazelle wants studs.

Got the chain guard off
Brakes and gears make me confused.
What to twist or pull?

Someone tampered with my bicycle again ... I suspect officemate or perhaps certain students... but also possible just one of the anonymous passersby or photography students who, I hear, are inordinately enamored of the creature. THe star-shaped squeezable "stress relief" toy from last year's TRLD conference has been effectively impaled upon the top of my Christmas tree. I don't know whtehr I had one rolling around in the saddlebags or whether somebody thought to grab it from inside (where there are several.) It was good for a big grin when I saw it - why don't I think of these things?
Tried unsuccessfully to take of the Gazelle's back wheel, but of course it's 'way too dismantled to ride tomorrow. So. I hope it doesn't snow very much. I *could* try to put the Trek on the bus if it's dukey, and that would mean I could do the training ride later, but I don't know how to do that. Might see if there's info on a website.
I'm glad I ventured out Saturday, though - I know that even if I push the pedal an dthe back wheel just spins, the bike doesn't immediately hurl to the ground or anything :) Long wheel bases are good!!! I *could* put the studs on the Xtra, but it could be 2009 before it snows again.

You can install studs:
You once beat Howard to eight K...
Set your mind; Do it.
If you take the bus
Instructional Video
At this URL:

The racks on this bus
Are like the local bus racks
used by MTD
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