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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wallet has been found
Sitting on the office desk
In the church office.

This was a good thing 'cause I had photo ID to go to LIB meeting. Parked bike at train station, tho' I'd considered police station 'cause it's close and perhaps more secure, and when i got back, I think somebody might have tampered with it - the CHristmas tree lights were bblinking ;)
Talked about lots of stuff - it was a good mix of "get through the agenda... but we've got some time for brainstorming." (Hey, we had to catch the train back, too.) One recurring theme was "how to get more members?" Seems bicyclists aren't joiners... You'll join the Sierra Club before a bicycling club, maybe?
We talked about other groups to coordinate and cooperate with, and somebody said something about churches, and I remembered the local UU folks coming to a champaigncountybikes meeting to talk about cycling as stewardship of the earth (it was interesting to see the assorted facial reactions to the very notion of involving religion...)
This thought was expanded to i nclude other evangelicals - like the folks waxing evangelical about global warming... but driving their SUV's to speak and hear about it.
I realized that before groping for our penalty flags of hypocrisy, we needed to consider the simple fact that most humans around us honestly do think riding a bicycle three miles is an arduous physical task. Oh, and you can't bring anything, and you can't be dressed up and... (yo! let's make it chic to be dressed for riding, okay?)
Could be ripe for the folks who *are* ready for that wonderful camaraderie of "group sacrifice" - so that they would be willing to do things they *think* are arduous ... and then might just keep going, especially when they find out it's not.

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