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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

seventy-five miles
ALL OF THEM on the Xtra
That babe is heavy.

Or... I hope it is!
Hope when I get on the Trek
12 won't be mean speed :D

Sixty Miles A Day
That's what's needed for 10K
Six whole days to go!

... tomorrow's plan (like today's until I realized LBS wasn't open) is to do *some* a.m. miles then pick up the lighter steed.
I might, just might... take off the tree. I picked up the decorations I've been resisting buying at their half-price (some stockings and a santa I can ductape to the snap deck and a sleigh I can tie down, and four more little light strings that I"ll use right away). Now, if I could find something good for January commemoration...
I snuck across the Curtis Road Interchange Christmas Eve. It's almost finished (and I was looking for every tenth of a mile to nudge to 40 in the ferocious winds... yes, I *did* average over 12 today thanks to less wind, but hills are a BEAR. Hmmm... perchance I should have Scot put the brake rotor on when I switch out the bikes tomorrow, as he says it contributes to drag, too. Hey, I gotta be getting strong, though! DON'T TELL HOWARD I'm sneaking up on him again ... the weather is, despite its fickleness previously, being kinder to me than to him! )

Did 21 miles in 21F temps. Don't you be worryin' about Howard. He's an expert at gettin' his.
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