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Sunday, December 16, 2007

seven more inches
Rode to church and training ride
came in second place :)

(That means there was more
Than one woman in the thing
hooray! There were three!)

Motivated now
Gonna ride hard all this month
Want to beat her time :-)

I bet she does too!

I took the studs to the limits (welp, *my* limits, anyway) - on the deep stuff I couldn't go fast enough to stay up. Maybe somebody with more nerve could have; perhaps I shall with a little more experience. I'm not good with the physical equivalent of going faster than my "headlights" show, a.k.a., faster than I can see and sense what I'm going to have to react to. So, I walked that last stretch up the hill to the stoplight on Springfield and Neil.
Yup... I took *springfield* - in the left lane sometimes, even, and it was fine 'cause there really wasn't much traffic to speak of and it was the closest thing to clear.
I took JOhn back, which was similar (I figured with the number of busses that go there it would be pounded down well.)
My bicycle led me on the initial trip out to church to take the "usual" route, not Green, and this was wise since the paths and sidewalks on campus were much clearer than the roads - even on Christmas break :) Good to know for the morrow. I bummed a ride (thanks, BOb!) to the bike club meeting, though, on the grounds that I was *tired* after the training ride and that's when you hurt yourself and it would be dark. (This in spite of knowing that the previously nastiest conditions I rode in last year I would have walked on had I seen 'em - 'cause I did the next day - and they weren't a problem - but I wasn't tired and it wasn't this nasty.) If I don't make 10K, but don't break a leg or my face... I still win :)
Planning to take two personal hours tomorrow to avoid going home via dark, too.

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